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Centralized Lubrication Systems, Hydraulics and Pneumatics


Oil Flow Meters

Flenco Flow Meters Delta series have been designed to adjust and control all sort of oils with a viscosity up to 240 cSt. They represent a high advantage for all those lubrication systems where a high oil volume is needed and where the flow rate at each outlet can be monitored in a accurate manner to control that the adjustment at any moment is the correct.

The flow meters Delta series can be assembled one next to other and to complete our device it has to be mounted one plate in each side. There are nine different flow regulating bases to choose the best adjustment to every lubrication system and this way to get the most accurate flow rate for our lubrication points. At the top the flow regulating base it has to be assembled the flow metering display where the flow rate is shown while we adjust it and at its rear side up to four electrical detectors can be mounted to control electrically the adjustment of the valve.

The maximum flow rate that can be adjusted to each lubrication point is 20 lpm and the maximum working pressure at the inlet of the flow meter is 1.5 Mpa.

Flenco Flow Meter
Pressure Switches

Euroswitch Pressure and Vacuum switches

Wide range of pressure switches and vacuum switches. Adjustable pressure switches with diaphragm, piston pressure switches, pressure brake switches, fixed setting pressure switches, adjustable vacuum switches with diaphragm, special pressure switches, pressure transducers. Threads of 1/8, 1/4 and others. Fixed and adjustable hysteresis, Pressures with NC, NO and exchange contact. Cases in steel and brass.

Level Sensors

Euroswitch level switches

Plastic level sensors, metallic level sensors, stainless steel level sensors, special level sensors. We manufacture levels with only one float at any requested length. Sensors are NC, NO or exchange contact.


Alemite oil and grease displayers

Mechanical or electronic displays to watch the quantity of grease or oil is dispensing on the lubrication point or fillings in tanks and reservoirs. These displays can be assembled on each of our pumps.

Our brands for Pressure Switches and Level Sensors are Euroswitch, Showa, Alemite, Flenco, Ihi
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