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We offer a complete systems for your fluid monitoring and inventory management. This is the Alemite Accu-Guard® line. Ideal for most applications, an easy-to-use Accu-Guard® system includes a broad array of features designed to give you a flexible and cost-effective solution for virtually any application.

With an Accu-Guard® system, you have the ability to accurately track nearly every drop of fluid used at your operation. Each system is designed with the user in mind and is constructed with only the highest-quality components.

How Accu-Guard® Works

Every Accu-Guard® system we offer is operated via keypad units that control fluid using solenoid valves installed at the fluid outlets. Meters send a digital signal to the keypad that correlates and measures the volume dispensed. The signal is relayed to the Master Controller, which converts it into valuable information that allows you to maintain active, up-to-date inventory levels. The system also allows you to extract custom reports at the touch of a button. Simultaneous dispensing of like fluids from the same keypad allows increased productivity in any environment.

Alemite Accu-Guard Console Alemite Reels in car garage

Accu-Guard® Systems

• Accu-Guard® PC - This computer-based system provides versatility and efficiency by controlling up to 20 different grades of fluids that can be dispensed through up to 792 outlets.
• Accu-Guard® Compact+ - This stand-alone, cost-effective system can monitor up to 8 different fluids and dispense them to 8 outlets through the Master Controller. It features pin-code security and allows for easy expansion.

Alemite Fluid meter assambled on reels Alemite Accu-Guard electronic display

Accu-Guard® System Components

• Master Controller: monitors and ensures the security of the fluids dispensed within the system. Access is password protected. (Used with Accu-Guard® Compact+ systems.)
• Keypad Controller: allows technician to enter dispensing requests. Keypad uses PIN to maintain system integrity and security. Each keypad operates independently of other keypads. (Combines the function of master and keypad in one unit.)
• Power Supply: transforms 120 VAC into 24 VDC with an output of 8 amps. Manually operated via a key, the Power Supply is fitted with a 1-amp circuit breaker.
• Printer: provides a hard copy of data within the Master Controller. (Can be used with any Accu-Guard® system.)
• Digital Display: shows the amount of fluid being dispensed in hundredths of a unit. The unit of measure is selected in the Master Controller. (Can be used with any Accu-Guard® system.)
• Pulse Meter: measures the quantity of fluid dispensed with +/- 1% accuracy.
• Air Solenoid Valve: activates air pressure to the pump, allowing the system to be pressurized during dispensing only. (Use one per pump.)
Fluid Solenoid Valve: allows dispensing of fluid at a designated location. Alemite Solenoids are piloted for rapid response time and low electricity consumption. (Use one per reel.)
• Pressure-Relief Valve: protects system components from an increase in pressure due to thermal expansion and pressure spikes.*

* Warranty will be void if pressure-relief valve is not used for each pump.
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